About Get Stuffed

We're bringing good food, good health and local jobs to the Latrobe Valley.




What is Get Stuffed?

Get Stuffed is a Reactivate Latrobe Valley initiative aiming to address community health and unemployment through the local food economy. It is one of many ReActivate Latrobe Valley projects and contributes to an ongoing effort to drive community-led change through place-based actions, events and projects. 

As a ReActivate Latrobe Valley initiative Get Stuffed enjoys the benefits of the working relationship shared by ReActivate Latrobe Valley and RMIT University Melbourne.

This institutional relationship provides access to technical capacity, expertise, resources and partnerships otherwise unavailable to these community-based initiatives and connects their work to a global network of thinkers and agents of change, both established and emerging. 

This partnership has a long term commitment to developing community lead projects that have economic, social and environmental benefit for the region.





How will we do it?

Get Stuffed is about growing good food, good health and new local jobs. We want to support the local food economy so that together we can build resilience and opportunity into our the systems that keep us fed, healthy and happy.

It will be staged project that aims to build upon 50 Mile Farmers Market and the broader existing food economy in the Latrobe Valley. Over the coming months it will work towards bringing a handful of key initiatives to the local community: Get Herbed, Get Swapped, and Get Growing. Once these are established and working, more initiatives will sprout as the local food economy grows.

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Why get Stuffed?

As a food network initiative Get Stuffed aims to address prevalent health issues in the Latrobe Valley, but makes the important acknowledgement that poor health has a range of causes. Since our goal is to improve access to fresh, local and healthy food we are looking for the root causes of the limited access that many Latrobe Valley community members experience.

High rates of unemployment and disengagement play a big part in the community health issue, so one of our primary aims is to create local jobs and new industries through the local food economy. We believe that by doing this we will alleviate the impacts of wealth disparity and social marginalisation, while making local food more readily available.

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Who is Get Stuffed?

This project is run by a dedicated team of local food growers and advocates, in partnership with ReActivate Latrobe Valley and the Office of Urban Transformation Research. It brings together a long list of partners and supporters from the Latrobe Valley and beyond

Get Stuffed aims to work constructively within the existing local food economy of the Latrobe Valley and along side other local food networks established and emerging in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia and globally.

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Current supporters and partners list coming soon!






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