A bit more detail about the nuts and bolts of Get Stuffed.



What kind of food can I get from Get Stuffed?


At the moment we’re trading herbs through the 50 Mile Farmers Market, but our hope is that lots of different things will be available over time. Our focus is on healthy, fresh and locally grown food.


Is Get Stuffed food organic?


While all of the food we sell is not certfied organic, we will focus on bringing pesticide and herbicide free food to market. It will be grown and made by lots of different local people and businesses, so on their online profile you will be able to see if they are ‘spray free’, ‘transition organic’, ‘certified organic’, or ‘biodynamic’.


Where is Get Stuffed food produced?


We have a handful of local Latrobe Valley growers, big and small, who supply us with herbs right now. As we grow our priority will be to connect growers and producers to customers so you will always be able to find out exactly where and who you’re Get Stuffed food has come from.


Does Get Stuffed have a shop?


At the moment we don’t have a physical shop space and we are only trading through the 50 Mile Farmers Market. You can always drop into ReActivate Latrobe Valley HQ in Morwell if you’d like to find out more and speak to someone about the initiative.


How do I sell my produce through Get Stuffed?


If you are a producer of any kind the first step is to fill in our online ‘grower survey’. We are compiling a list of interested suppliers that we will get in contact with when we are ready to ramp things up a bit.


Is Get Stuffed food affordable?


Because we want to improve access to fresh locally grown food we will be trying to keep prices reasonable. As a food network, we’ll be aiming to make the food supply chain as simple as possible to cut out as many middle-people as we can, meaning costs should be kept down. We also acknowledge that farmers and producers need to be paid a fair price for the work that they put in. Since one of our main goals is to create good local jobs through the local food economy, we will be working hard to strike the right balance between cost for the customer and pay for the producer.


What kind of business is Get Stuffed?


Get Stuffed will be a social enterprise which reinvests any money made back into the local food network along with other ReActivate Latrobe Valley initiatives like Get Sunflowered and the Latrobe Valley Festivals. We think about community-led change as needing a holistic approach so ReActivate Latrobe Valley initiatives are created to support one another and to help new initiatives to take shape in the future.


Is Get Stuffed in competition with other local food networks nearby?


The great thing about the local food movement taking shape around the world is that most people involved are working together towards a happier, healthier, more sustainable world. We are keen to create supportive partnerships with all of the food networks in Gippsland, rather than competitive rivalries.


What’s the best way to contact Get Stuffed?


Go to our ‘contact’ page where you can send a message direct to us. We’ll aim to respond as quickly as possible!